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Brian Vaughn Negro Hall of Shame

March 7, 2009

From the Hall of Shame: Negro Brian Vaughn

Killed his father Leslie Vaughn because papa would not buy him a new car. Leslie Vaughn offered to buy the spoiled ape a used car but that was not good enough. Brian hauled his little brother to the neighbors house and told the neighbors (also black) that there had been gunshots in his house and would they take care of his brother? Brian then went back and like a cowardly negro, shot his father in the face while he slept. Then the stupid ape tried to make it look like someone else did it but was convicted on foresnic evidence. Brian Vaughn is happily attending negro college in Texas at the RAMSEY I branch. His student number, I mean inmate number is 00915677

SID Number: 06136905
TDCJ Number: 00915677
Race: B
Sex: M
Age: 26
Maximum Sentence Date: 2033-01-13
Current Facility: RAMSEY I
Projected Release Date: 2033-01-13
Parole Eligibility Date: 2016-07-14

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